Friday, August 19, 2011

The PLC will be used is LS MASTER-K 120S (LG)

Features :

High-performance and various block type
  • Economic type: 10/14/20/30 points (10/14 points: 2points built-in Analog Timer)
  • Standard type: 20/30/40/60 points
  • Various expansion modules: input, output, mixed modules
  • P area extended for SMART I/O application (P000~P63F)
  • High-speed processing speed: 0.1㎲/step (standard type)
  • Battery-less backup
    • Program backup: EEPROM backup while online editing
    • Data backup: Super capacitor
  • Various input handing: Input filter, pulse catch
Enhanced communication functions
  • Built-in RS-232C (Ch0) and RS-485 (Ch1) support *1)
  • Transmitting data monitoring support: KGLWIN
  • Various option modules
    • Cnet (RS-232C, RS-422) Fnet/Rnet (master module)
    • Profibus-DP/DeviceNet (slave module)
Powerful built-in functions
  • High-speed counter: 32-bit signed operation
    • Counter range: -2,147,483,648 ~ 2,147,483,647
    • Function: ring counter, latch counter, comparison (equal/zone/task), RPM
  • Positioning function (DRT/DT type)
    • Control axis: 2 axes (100kHz)
    • Operation method: single, repeat
    • Operation mode: end, keep, continuous
    • Additional functions: return to origin, JOG operation, PWM output
  • PID operation function
    • Relay/PRC auto-tuning, SV ramp, delta MV, PWM output, position/velocity algorithm
Various expansion modules
  • 7 Digital I/O modules: G7E-DR(08/10/20)A, G7E-TR10A, G7E-DC08A, G7E-RY(08/16)A
  • 9 Analog I/O modules: G7F-ADHA(B/C), G7F-AD2A(B), G7F-DA2I(V), G7F-AT2A, G7F-RD2A
  • 6 Comm. modules: G7L-CUEB(C), G7L-DBEA, G7L-PBEA, G7L-FUEA, G7L-RUEA
  • 2 Option modules: G7E-RTCA, G7M-M256B
Specifications :

K7M- DR20UK7M- DR30UK7M- DR40UK7M- DR60U
Operation methodCyclic execution of stored program, Time-driven interrupt, Process-driven interrupt
I/O control methodRefresh method, Direct method by command
Program languageLadder Diagram, Instruction List
Number of instructionsBasic command30
Application command277
Processing speed0.1㎲/Step
Program memory capacity10k step
I/O pointsInput12182436
Data areaPP000~P63FI/O relay
MM000~M191FAuxiliary relay
KK000~K31FKeep relay
LL000~L63FLink relay
FF000~F63FSpecial relay
T100ms : T000~T191(192 points) / 10ms : T192~T250(59 points) / 1ms : T251~T255(5 points), Adjustable by parameter settingTimer
SS00.00~S99.99Step controller
DD0000~D4999Data register
Operation modeRUN, STOP, PAUSE, DEBUG
Self-diagnostic functionScan time, memory, I/O and power supply error detection
Data back-up methodProgram: EEPROM, Data: Super-capacitor
Max. expansion stageUp to 2 stages (External memory or RTC module can be connected as 4th expansion)
Built-in functionPID control functionControlled by command, Relay and PRC auto-tuning, PMM/manual output, adjustable operation scan time, Anti-windup, SV ramp, Delta MV, Position and velocity algorithm.RS-232C 1 port RS-485 1 port
Cnet I/F functionMASTER-K dedicated protocol, Modbus protocol, User-defined protocol, No protocol
High speed counter functionSpeed1 Phase: 100kHz 2Ch / 20kHz 2Ch 
2 Phase: 50kHz 1Ch / 10kHz 1Ch
Counter mode4 different counter functions: 1-Phase 
1 phase, up-down by program 
1 phase, up-down by B-phase input 
2 phase, up-down by 1 phase 
2 phase, up-down by phase difference
Additional functionInternal/External preset function, Latch counter function, Comparison output function, RPM function
Positioning functionBasic functionNo. of axis: 2 axes 
Control method: PTP/speed 
Control unit: Pulse 
Positioning data: 20 data per each axis (Step No: 1~20) 
Operation mode: End, Keep, Cont 
Control method: Single, Repeated, Operation
DRT Type Only
PositioningPositioning method: Absolute method/Incremental method 
Address range: -2,147,483,648 ~ 2,147,483,647 
Speed: Max. 100kpps (Speed: 5 ~ 100,000pps) 
Acceleration/Deceleration processing (Operation pattern: Trapezoidal method)
Return to originOrigin detection when approximate origin turns off 
Origin detection after deceleration when approximate origin turns on
JogSpeed setting range: 5 ~ 100,000pps (High/Low)
Pulse catchPulse width: 10㎲ 2 points (P0000~P0001) / 50㎲ 6 points (P0002~P0007)
External interrupt8 points: 10㎲ 2 points (P0000~P0001) / 50㎲ 6 points (P0002~P0007)
Input filter0, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000ms set by user

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